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Hover is a WordPress plugin replacing keywords with links and an optional popup (example: Gallery, WordPress ):

It uses Javascript and CSS to create valid XHTML code, see below for details. Hover is released under the GPL v2

Known Problems

Please refer to the list of open tickets.


Download latest stable package hover-0.7.3.tar.gz.

Using git, you can access all former releases:

git clone git://

Alternatively you can examine the source repository with your browser.


Please refer to the installation page located in the wiki.


Please make sure to read the file named UPGRADE when upgrading from an older version.


Read the pdf online (also included in tarball).


  • You can use any type of html code in the popup, even images: ExampleImage.
  • Whole sentences can be defined as a hover: This sentence no verb.
  • Keeps case: Hover, hOver, hoVER.
  • Define popups for images once and see them every time you use that image (hover over the Get Firefox button on the top right).
  • All data is saved in a seperate table in the database
  • Creates valid XHTML 1.0 Strict markup
  • Uses mature javascript libraries:
    • domTT v0.7.3 by Dan Allen for browser compatible popup creation
    • behaviour.js v1.1 by Ben Nolan to clean up HTML markup
  • Options page integrated into WordPress admin menu
  • Websnapr integration
  • support for title=”" replacement with support for images, see this post for details
  • support for <abbr> and <acronym>
  • support for conditional replacing
  • Documentation with examples and FAQ
  • write Javascript code to file

Upcomming Features

  • raw data access
  • import and export of Hovers
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