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Permalink :: April 26th, 2006

Here you can find all my irssi scripts. They and many more are also available from the official scripts page.

You can access the repository trough git:

git clone git://

or use the Web Interface.

Bugs and Features

  • bug database
    Please enter all bugs and feature requests into the database.
  • open tickets
    The list of open bugs/feature requests.

Automatically ignore people on autoaway notices.

Adds new powerful and customizable [Act: ...] item (chanelnames,modes,alias). Lets you give alias characters to windows so that you can select those with meta-?.

Display IrcOps in current channel.

Adds an item which displays the current network activity. Needs /proc/net/dev.

BitchX TAB complete style.

Right aligned nicks depending on longest nick.

Hides duplicate lines.

Displays a small, changeing statusbar item to show irssi is still running.

Remembers the last person oping you on a channel.

by bd

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