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GnuCash and Finance::Quote

Some time ago I decided to give GnuCash a chance with regard to managing my finances.

It took some time reading manuals and howtos to understand the priciple behind it but after a short while I was able to manage all my money related concerns with it.

I wanted to take it to the next level and entered my stock purchaches. So far so good but Finance::Quote - a perl module written to access online stock information - did not want to work as documented. To cut a long story short I was using the wrong name for my stock and this is how I found the right one:

  1. Search with the stock’s ISIN (I found it one the contract I had with my broker) on Yahoo Finance

  2. Look for a link called something like “stock exchange price”

  3. Use the value of a parameter called ’s’ from the url as symbol name in GnuCash