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Hover 0.6.13 Available

Hover 0.6.13 adds support for predefined image popups and fixes a couple of bugs.

Image Popups

In the past hover could generate popups for all HTML tags (including ) from their title attribute. To have the same popup for an image you had to enter the same text every time you inserted that image. While this worked, it was tedious, error prone and hard to change later on.

Hover 0.6.13 now let’s you define a popup for an image once and every time you use that image, it will get the same popup. Popups are assigned to Images by their absolut URL.

Bugs fixed

  • cleanup and fixed plugin activation error detection, table creation and database checks

  • correctly set database schema version on first time install

  • HTML encode aposthrophe in popups, fixing possible javascript error