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imapfoo allows to quickly add mails to a specified IMAP folder.

These mails can either be:

  • Composed of random hexadecimal text

  • Created from data specified on the command line

  • Generated from an input file using Markov Chains (e.g. Lorem Ipsum style content)

  • Read from an mbox file

It is written in Perl and uses a couple of standard modules, which are all part of Debian Lenny and also available on CPAN.

Released under the GPLv2


Download the latest stable version: imapfoo-0.3.1.tar.gz.


imapfoo is also available via :git

git clone git://bc-bd.org/git/imapfoo.git


imapfoo contains POD documentation. To access it pass

  • –help for a quick overview

  • –man for a detailed description with examples

as parameter, e.g.

imapfoo --man

Alternatively you can read the output of –man here.