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MrWhite is a tiny Android app which turns your screen white and increases its brightness to its maximum. If your phone has no led flash which you could use as a torch, you can help yourself with MrWhite.

As of version v1.2 you can change the brightness using your volume keys.

Since release v2.0 MrWhite also supports other colors than just white.

It is licensed under the GPLv2.

Get MrWhite

You can install MrWhite through different means:

Use the f-droid.org repository:

  1. Install the FDroid app

  2. Launch FDroid

  3. Search for MrWhite

  4. Install it

And since you already installed FDroid, make sure to check out all the other apps available through it.

Direct download:

Point your phone’s browser to: here


You can check out the source through git:

git clone git://bc-bd.org/git/mrwhite.git