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Goodbye Blizzard

A couple of days ago Blizzard decided to ban my Diablo 2 key from Battle.net, effectively cutting me off from online play.

After contacting their Online Support I was told, that my key was banned, because I had violated their Terms of Services, namely using “Third Party Software”.

Now the interesting part is, that I haven’t.

My first reaction was simple, “Well guys, I haven’t. Looks like a mistake, please fix”.

Their response however was that it was clear to them. I had been using some Software I was not allowed. Case closed.

I tried to get more details, e.g. what software I allegedly have been using and what I supposedly did wrong.

They replied by closing the support ticket and sending me a link to a feedback from where I was told “Please note, you will not receive a response regarding any information provided in this webform”.

I went back to my support contact and asked them (again) to provide a comprehensible explanation on what I did wrong exactly.

Guess what, they closed the ticket again.

In the end Blizzard banned my key for some reason which they refuse to tell me.

This leads to an interesting problem: Suppose I would buy another copy of Diablo 2 (which I won’t) to be able to play again. How can I be sure that I won’t get banned again? I have no idea what I allegedly did wrong. How am I supposed to not do it again?

For me, this leaves only one conclusion: No more Blizzard games.

Dear Blizzard, if you treat me like this, I don’t want to be your customer anymore.